Lotus Evora GT430 the most powerful road-going sports car ever

No matter what you’re doing right now, if you’re a car enthusiast you must stop it and get excited for the new Lotus Evora GT430, and at the same time the most powerful road-going sports car ever.


Obviously there are no rear seats in this one, but ‘hand-crafted’ carbonfibre body panels help lower the centre of gravity and cut weight to 1258kg dry – 26kg less than the Evora Sport 410despite 9kg of extra components. It laps the Lotus test track in 1m25.8s, which is an Evora record.

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Self-driving cars which don’t meet the safety standards to be deployed

Automakers now can deploy up to 100,000 self-driving vehicles without meeting existing auto safety standards and bar states from imposing driverless car rules, this decision has been taken on Wednesday and approved by U.S. House panel.


Representative Robert Latta, a Republican who heads the Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee overseeing consumer protection, said he would continue to consider changes before the full committee votes on the measure, which is expected next week. The full U.S. House of Representatives will not take up the bill until it reconvenes in September after the summer recess.

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Audi made an ad in China comparing a wife to a used car

In an Audi commercial from China, a mother-in-law interrupts a wedding ceremony to inspect the bride, checking whether she’s up to standard. The older woman grabs the bride’s nose and ears, pinches her lower lip and peers at her teeth and tongue. The bride gets an OK – along with an extra warning to cover up her cleavage. It’s an ad from Ogilvy & Mather Beijing promoting used Audi cars that have been checked out and officially certified for resale.

But the ad is getting pushback on social media for comparing women to merchandise — specifically, to used cars that need to be checked from every angle. The ad was surprising given that Audi has made campaigns tackling gender stereotypes a centerpiece in markets from Spain to the U.S. One social commenter contrasted the Chinese spot to Audi’s messaging during the Super Bowl, about equal pay for women. Read more

Mercedes-Benz unveils its 2018 X-Class pick-up truck

Mercedes-Benz has a history of producing vans for the commercial vehicle market – but now the brand is branching out further with its new pick-up truck, called the X-Class. While this may seem like an all-new model for Mercedes, the X-Class is based on the Nissan Navara, the global successor to the Frontier. This gives the Mercedes some serious truck cred while allowing the German automaker to thoroughly customize its standards. Those hoping for a version here in North America will likely be sorely disappointed, as Mercedes announced plans to sell the X-Class in overseas markets, but not the United States.

The exterior is essentially a Nissan Navara with Mercedes-Benz styling front and rear. Not much has changed from the concept version. Still, it’s a handsome thing, with the familiar two-bar and three-pointed star grille, LED-accented headlights, and a wide lower intake up front. The flat rear features another large emblem flanked by tall, thin tail lights. There’s a large bar in the bed, presumably to mount lights. It also looks like roof rails and a tonneau cover are available on some trims. Read more

The 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom keeps the old looks but still slays!

The eight-gen Rolls-Royce Phantom’s first pictures have been leaked to Chinese media over a week before it actually had to be officially revealed. The images, from an online brochure that isn’t meant to be live yet, prove that the new car keeps much of the old one’s looks, despite using a brand new platform that will be shared with the ‘Cullinan’ SUV the firm is working on.


It keeps the signature chrome grille and narrow headlights, albeit with a slightly altered shape, and the second pair of headlights is now gone. it looks like two-tone paint will again be a popular feature. The images show a long-wheelbase Phantom, which isn’t news in itself because we knew it was coming, but we have to admit we’re a bit disappointed in the centre console, which, in these photos at least, doesn’t look much like it belongs in a £350,000 car.

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30 Vehicles charred by the flames at a Chevy dealership

Sometimes you simply leave your car for service, and instead of getting it back fixed, you don’t even get to see it at all, because it burned completely, until nothing has been left from it. This Tuesday night at this Chevrolet dealership, shortly after 7 p.m. a janitor was cleaning in the service building at Buff Whelan Chevrolet in Sterling Heights, Mich., and spilled cleaning supplies, causing what the fire chief called a “big ball of flame to erupt.” About 30 vehicles were destroyed in a blaze.

Buff Whelan fire_vette-03_i

No one was reported injured, fire officials said. The cost of the damage was unknown. About 15 vehicles in the service building and 15 more outside were charred by the flames, said Sterling Heights Fire Chief Chris Martin. When the fire crews arrived, they “realized they had a big problem on their hands,” Martin said. “The roof came down. The walls came down.”. Martin called for a fourth alarm after arriving at the scene, which summoned every community in Macomb County north of Detroit to help control the fire.

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Mustang P-51 named after the famous Second World War fighter plane

If you ever get to think that the 5.0litre engine Ford Mustang has isn’t enough for it, then don’t hurry up to move to another car, the famous Ford tuner Roush has strapped a pretty enormous supercharger to the Mustang’s V8 to create the 2017 P-51, named after the famous Second World War fighter plane.


The P-51 Mustang isn’t the first Roush special to bear the name; you might remember the company has done this before. But it is the most powerful, with a healthy 727bhp courtesy of a supercharger with the same 2.3-litre cubic capacity as an entire Mustang EcoBoost engine

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