Italian Designer Imagines What Next Alfa Romeo 4C Would Look Like

According to Alfa Romeo’s five-year plan, the automaker has no plans of updating the 4Crange in that time. However, Adler Group and Umberto Palermo’s Up Design imagine what an updated version of the sports car could look like. The attractive concept goes by the unwieldy moniker Alfa Romeo Mole Construction Artisan 001.

alfa-romeo-mole-costruzione-artigianale-001 (1)

The concept’s design retains existing hallmarks of the 4C’s look but makes them more aggressive. The lower fascia now features diagonal LEDs at each corner, and the turn signals are next to them. Palermo accentuates the fenders by causing them to come to a sharp point, and the headlights now sit in flying buttresses. All these elements combine to give the car a very angry looking face.

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SUVs and Pick-up Trucks Continue To Drive US Car Sales

Two Detroit automakers on Friday reported an increase in U.S. auto sales for May as demand for sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks continues to buoy sales despite rising gas prices. May is often the biggest sales month of the year for auto sales, with Memorial Day sales driving car shoppers to dealerships to kick off the summer selling season.


SUVs and pickup trucks accounted for about 67% of sales in May, according to J.D. Power, the highest level ever for May. The richer mix of SUVs and pickup trucks, which carry higher prices than passenger cars, drove the average transaction price up nearly $1,200 in May compared to last year, while discounts remained flat at about $3,665 per vehicle, J.D. Power said.

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McLaren 675LT Gets Paint Scheme From Its Dad

The McLaren 675LT was designed as a lighter, faster version of the 650S, and it gained a lengthened tail section, hence the LT designation. This longer design was partly inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR “longtail.” That race car also featured a longer body.


One 675LT customer decided bodywork wasn’t enough of a connection to the famous ‘90s racer, so he commissioned the race-inspired paint scheme you see in the pictures. The paint job is a rendition of the 1997 Le Mans GT1 class-winning F1 GTR, which sported a livery based on main sponsor Gulf Oil. It’s not a simple design, and it’s one that McLaren completely painted. McLaren says the whole car took 1,000 hours to finish, and 800 of them were spent on the paint.

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Global Electric Car Sales Up More Than 50% in 2017

Electric car sales around the world rose by 54 percent in 2017, taking global stock across the three-million threshold, the International Energy Agency said in a report. In China, the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles, sales grew by about half – but their market share remained small at 2.2 percent.


In Norway, electric vehicles have by far the world’s highest market share with 39.2 percent according to the IEA. The Paris-based agency was optimistic about the sector’s prospects saying that supportive policies and cost reductions are likely to lead to significant growth in the market uptake of electric vehicles in the outlook period to 2030. But in order for the cars of the future to overtake their petrol and diesel-powered competitors, governments will have to take the lead.

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Nobe 100 is an Electric Vehicle With Vintage Cuteness

The world of electric cars just got a lot cuter thanks to the Nobe 100, a three-wheeled electric vehicle built in Estonia that looks inspired by the Fiat 500, the Saab 96 and Messerschmitt KR 175.


Capable of speeds up to 68 miles per hour and with a driving range of 136 miles per charge, theNobe is and all-wheel-drive trike. The power is sent to the two front wheels as well as the one in the back. Nobe’s founder, Roman Muljar, says that one of the primary goals with the Nobe 100 was to create something so effortlessly stylish that you want to lick it.

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55% of Global New Car Sales Will Be Electric Vehicles

A new report says that electric car sales are expected to massively increase in the next years, reaching 55 percent of global new car sales by 2040, replacing 7 percent of gas and diesel consumption.


Sales of electric cars have just managed to top 1.1 million per year, but the report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests that they are set to grow to 11 million in 2025 and topping 60 million vehicles, which will be about 55 percent of the new car market, by 2014. The prediction is that electric vehicles will replace 33 percent of the total global car fleet by then.

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The Ford F-150 Raptor Will Use Adaptive Dampers For Better Landings

The Ford F-150 Raptor isn’t wanted for off-road capability. But, that hasn’t stopped the automaker to have a little fiddle with the hardcore pick-up truck for the 2018 model year.


The first big change is the shock absorbers. Developed by Fox, the new parts have something called “Live Valve technology that can alter the compression rates based on information gleaned from a variety of sensors on the vehicle. The sensors can even tell if you’re airborne. Should you be pulling off some mad jump, the system will know and set the dampers to maximum stiffness to best cope with the landing.

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