Ford Recalls 350,000 Trucks and SUVs for Transmission Issue

Ford is making two safety recalls to fix some mechanical issues that affect the control of the transmission on several 2017 and 2018 models. The manufacturer is aware of one reported injury-causing accident related to the first and largest recall.

This safety recall will affect almost 350,00 pickups and SUVs made in 2018. They want to fix a potentially unseated gear shift cable locking clip which can set the transmission in a different gear state than the one that the driver selects. That means the vehicle could move even when in parking mode, with no warning message on the dashboard or warning chime when the driver door is opened.

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Whom The Drivers Are More Likely To Give Way To?

Shocking revelations of the road mysteries!

If you want fellow drivers to offer courtesy in heavy traffic and letting you go first, you’d better not drive a fancy SUV, a flashy sports car or an executive saloon. Why not?


Surprisingly, but according to the recent studies most drivers are much more likely to give way to the owners of not so intimidating cars, preferably classic or placid-looking cars. As many as a fifth of drivers are more likely to give way to them, and that is the result of asking more than 17000 motorists! For example, given these facts, you would reach your destination so much quicker if you drove, say, Citroen 2CV or an old Volkswagen Beetle rather than a Ferrari 599 or Lamborghini Aventador. Who knew, right?


The other thing is that nearly half of the drivers – 47 % out of 17,629 interviewed auto owners, to be exact – admit they would most likely to give more space to a car being driven by someone elderly, trying to make them feel more comfortable on the road. So maybe the stickers like ”Granny on board” have to be used to inspire politeness in the drivers and increase the civility on the roads?


Researchers found that the results the representatives of every age groups – younger or older – are united in this commendable tendency to respect the driver’s age and being considerate of older ones. We think it’s wonderful that drivers want to show older people more courtesy on the roads, but it wouldn’t hurt to be as polite to the others, anyway.

What definitely WON’T help you on the road is to be considered one of the ”boy racers” (it refers to a motorist who drives an automobile that has been modified with aftermarket body kits, audio system and exhaust system, usually in an unlawful manner), because the studies show that 5% of drivers (that’s around 1 in 20) would more likely to deliberately drive slowly to annoy such a traffic member. It is interesting that male drivers are believed twice as likely as females to act this way to frustrate the speedy ambitions of the other driver!


When it comes to tailgating, the report says it’s younger drivers who are more likely to drive too close to the smaller cars’ rear bumper in a bid to intimidate them to get out of the way. Oh, well…


In addition to that, it seems that the younger drivers just can’t drive by a sports car without trying to race it. One in seven of young people on the road from 18 to 24 year old would try and do that. Careful there, guys!


One in five of the pollees admit to losing patience while behind learner drivers. The least tolerant of learners are the motorists aged 18 to 24. No surprise here, I guess. What is a bit more wondrous is that it’s often women who get impatient with learners more readily, not the men. Ugh oh! Ladies, stay cool!




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