Renowned Used Car Auction Company Repokar Announces Partnership with Multiple Auto Auctions All Over the United States

America’s favorite auto auction platform Repokar has recently made a significant improvement of their service by entering into partnerships with hundreds of auto auctions from different parts of the country. Repokar is highly rated in the auto auctions market for their excellent service features that suits both the buyers and sellers.

Repokar Auto Auctions Infographic

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Repokar has just announced a series of new partnerships with over one hundred auto auctions spread all across the United States. A renowned destination for used car auction, Repokar is highly acclaimed for their customer friendly business policies and services. The company’s new series of partnerships is expected to bring about a serious enhancement of their service. Any car posted for auction in Repokar will now be shared automatically with thousands of auction websites. Some of these are: Car Auction LA, Auto Auction Dallas, Car Auction Florida, Auto Auction Arizona, Auto Auction Nevada, Auto Auction Chicago and many others. With such strong network of partners all over the country, used car owners will now find it much easier to sell their cars.

Repokar was founded in 2008, and the company has continuously made efforts to exceed the expectation of customers by improving their service. The company’s inventory of cars is enormous and comprises of prior car-rental cars, repossessed used cars, off-lease used cars, fleet lease cars, government used cars, repo cars, and bank cars. Auto auction sales can sometimes be a problem with many other auto auction platforms. However, used car owners prefer selling at Repokar because the website is visited by over 3,000 prospective buyers every day. Now, with many new partners, this figure all set to increase significantly.

Over the years, the buyers have also expressed their liking for Repokar because of many reasons. The company’s nationwide inventory, zero registration costs, and below market pricing have made them a trusted platform to purchase used autos. Repokar conducts post and presale inspection for all their cars before or after they are sold. Therefore, buyers can be rest assured about purchasing old cars in excellent condition.

Repokar is owned and managed by Ally Spinu, a young woman who started her own company after she was disappointed by the high prices charged by the most well known online car sale services. Now, through Repokar, she offers lower fees to attract the industry’s most well known car auctioneers, insurance companies, car dealers, banks, and other companies.

Announcing the company’s recently signed partnerships, Ally said, “On behalf of Repokar, I am proud to announce a series of new partnerships with many auto auctions from different parts of America. As a result of these partnerships, our inventory of cars will reach out automatically to thousands of used cars buyers through our partner websites. We have already teamed up with many websites, and new partnerships are still being signed every day.”

About Repokar: Established in 2008, Repokar has emerged as one of the most trusted online car auction platforms in the United States. The company has just launched a new website that will allow old car buyers throughout the country to bid online for their dream car.

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Cars Today

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago

“I think that cars today are almost the exact equivalent of the great Gothic cathedrals; I mean the supreme creation of an era, conceived with passion by unknown artists, and consumed in image if not in usage by a whole population which appropriates them as a purely magical object.”

― Roland Barthes, Mythologies

Best Police Chase Ever – Insane Truck Driving GTA style

Watch a police chase of a giant lumber truck stolen and moving about the streets at a dangerous speed. Then it even catches fire and becomes even more of a threat! It hits several cars on its way. See how it all ends here:

Auctions Used Cars for sale in USA


Our Public Auto Auction also offers different types of auctions, such as police car auction, tow auto auction, insurance car auction, salvage car auction, government and all agencies sell their car inventory at our site in Maine. Buying a car from our online auto auction is safe and easy!

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Maniwa – Wondrous Wooden Car Of Japan


We all know about Japan’s brilliant ingenuity in the manufacturing process across many industries, as well as its ability to make amazingly reliable and efficient cars. But going green car manufacturers turn over a new leaf in history of automaking – Japanese furniture company Sada-Kenbi has constructed a new supercar – a hand-made wooden auto, called ”Maniwa”.

This Japanese car is made entirely out of wood. Well, except for the engine and other mechanical parts. It’s fully functional and is able to reach the speed of 90km/h so you can feed your fellow drivers some sawdust if you have to! It has a motorcycle handlebar instead of a traditional steering-wheel, a working stereo and even cool wooden Lambo doors. The cost of this remarkable wooden masterpiece is $32,000.


The stylish Maniwa took about five months to build. It looks like a convertible with it’s roof folded down, the steering column of the car is made from a Honda scooter. The wooden sports car has just one front seat, for the driver, but can accomodate yet two passengers on the wooden bench in the back. It also has a fully functional rear wing, operational gull-wing doors, mirrors, impeccably sculpted headlights, wooden hubcaps, a glass engine cover and handlebar steering.

133667,xcitefun-wooden-car-7 403169 main sada_kenbi_japanese_wooden_supercar_2 sada_kenbi_japanese_wooden_supercar_3 sada_kenbi_japanese_wooden_supercar_7

Japanese Supercar is a delight to see and experience the drive, it was definitely created to impress and conquer the hearts of car lovers. Not only it is unique and extraordinary looking, excellent for the eccentric people, but it also environmental friendly, being made from natural materials. It doesn’t have only the good looks, but is reliable and practical, too. Just don’t forget to spray it once a year for bark beetles :)

For now, the rumor has it that Maniwa’s manufacturer plans on hiring out the vehicle for remarkable events like weddings.

Watch the video here.

Popular Public Auto Auction Company Repokar Introduces New Program to Offer Stress Free Experience in selling your car

Distinguished online auto auction service provider Repokar has just launched a new program for the sellers of used cars. This useful, new service is targeted towards offering a stress free selling experience for the sellers without spending much of their time or effort.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Repokar, a highly acclaimed online platform for car auction, continues their relentless efforts to improve their service. The company has just launched a new program that will certainly make life easier for the used car sellers. Repokar’s popularity as an auto auction company can be attributed to their user friendly features and customer centric business practices. With over 3, 000 prospective buyers visiting their website every day, Repokar is a favorite online auto auction platform for the used car owners.

Repokar Auto Auctions

Repokar’s new service program has been launched to reduce the stress involved in the used car sale process. Sellers often find this process extremely demanding because they are required to meet the buyers, collect the payment, complete lengthy paperwork, list the car in different classified services, and answer hundreds of spam emails every day. The new service facility from Repokar will be a lifesaver for these sellers because the company will now take care of all these tedious tasks. The used car owner can bring its cars to one of Repokar’s Used Cars Auction locations and Repokar will do the rest: will show the cars to the prospective buyers in a pre sale inspection and answer any question buyers may have about the car or the auction process. They will also take care of listing the auctions. Finally, Repokar will also sell the car to the winning bidder and complete the post sale documentation process. So the seller will just wait for the professionals at Repokar to do their job and collect the money from the sale. Isn’t it easy and convenient?

Talking about the utility of this new service program, the founder of Repokar Ally Spinu said, “The process of selling used cars can be a chore for the sellers. We are pleased to come up with this end to end service program that has been designed to take the pain out of the online car selling process. Repokar will now do all the dirty work to ensure a stress free selling experience for the used car sellers.”

About Repokar: Established in 2008, Repokar is one of the most trusted online car auction platforms in the United States. The company has just launched a new service program for the used car sellers.

Car Being Dropped From A Helicopter

There are all the sorts of crazy things people do but I think you haven’t seen this one! A car is being dropped from a big height from a helicopter! Watch what has become of it!

car helicopter

Mercedes-Benz hydrogen fueled F125!

The Mercedes Benz has presented a new concept aimed for 2025 CL-class. It’s hydrogen pumped F125 which according to the company’s plan will be fueled by hydrogen.


Watch the video presentation of the new Mercedes!


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