2015 Dodge Challenger for sale

Leather Navigation Backup camera endless toys 20-inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, performance suspension and brakes, foglights, automatic headlights, rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel with power tilt-and-telescoping adjustments, an 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen and an upgraded sound system with satellite radio and an iPod/USB audio interface


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Meet and greet the 2018 BMW M5 with its 600 horsepower?

One of the cars we’ve been waiting for to get revealed is already here, and it will hit the markets early next year. BMW M5 is a special edition model with a production of 400 units, of which 50 goes to America. Among the highlights of this model is a unique paintwork.

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That unique and special paint work is called Frozen Dark Red Metallic. On 2018 BMW M5 First Edition the color is paired with BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line trim with extended features – gloss black kidney grille, the M gills and the four tailpipes of the sports exhaust system.

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Hyundai Motor plans to grow its US sales with a new pickup truck

As part of the broader plan to catch up with a shift away from sedans Hyundai Motor plans to launch a pickup truck in the United States. Hyundai’s top management has given the green light for development of a pickup truck similar to a show vehicle called the Santa Cruz that U.S. Hyundai executives unveiled in 2015.


Hyundai currently does not offer a pickup truck in the United States. Hyundai plans to launch a small SUV called Hyundai Kona in the United States later this year. People familiar with the automaker’s plans said the pick-up truck is expected to be launched in 2020. Hyundai plans to introduce three other new or refreshed SUVs by 2020. Hyundai’s U.S. dealers have pushed the company to invest more aggressively in SUVs and trucks as demand for sedans such as the midsize Sonata and the smaller Elantra has waned.

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The car which refuses to die: Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta?

If there is a car which will never die, then it might be Pagani Zonda. It is 18 years old, but it still has new features and looks to offer which gives it just as much attention as before. The Zonda has been kept alive these last few years through a series of one-offs requested by extremely well-heeled customers, but this new ‘HP Barchetta’ version is a little different. It’s been commissioned by Horacio Pagani himself, and three will be made, with one thought to be going straight to the man’s own collection.


The Italian manufacturer says that the car is “how Horacio imagined his own Zonda,” and good lord, does he have an imagination, because this thing is willfully bonkers. There’s no roof, a cut down windscreen, a delicious air intake poking over the roll hoops, and a set of rear wheel spats rather like those found on the Zonda Zozo.

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Your car becomes used instantly after you roll out of dealership

Since the car sales have been rising in U.S. for 7 years, of course that the value of used cars we’ve got parked in our garages would dent. There are hundreds and thousands of new cars rolling out of dealerships lots and this means they instantly become used cars.


The secondary market is glutted and the pace of depreciation is rapidly accelerating. Your not-that-old car might not be a clunker quite yet, but it’s probably a lot closer than you think. The average used car lost 17 percent of its value in the past 12 months, dropping from $18,400 to $15,300. That annual depreciation figure has been increasing steadily, too.

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McLaren 720S goes all-purple

The well-known car collector Michael Fux has one more beauty to be proud of in his garage, an amazing McLaren 720S in a perfect purple paint. Just by looking at these pictures, you could easily understand that this is the most eye-popping McLaren 720S you’ve seen yet.


It’s finished in ‘Fux Fuchsia’ paint to be precise, a colour originally created for Fux by Rolls-Royce, before being “redeveloped” by McLaren Special Operations for this 720S. In addition to the in-yer-face finish, there are also Fux Fuchsia details on the wheels, and around the white leather interior. Mr Fux has also rather bravely specced white Alcantara floor mats. That said, a spare set of untarnished shoes kept specifically for the car isn’t exactly going to be something beyond the man’s means.

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The lack of charging stations won’t let the electric car industry grow

People across the world, show more support for electric cars, and automakers start to deliver even more electric vehicles with longer range and lower prices. China even set an aggressive target for electric vehicle sales, in order to curb pollution, European countries aim to be all-electric by 2040 or sooner.


Those lofty ambitions face numerous challenges, including one practical consideration for consumers: If they buy electric cars, where will they charge them? The distribution of public charging stations is wildly uneven around the globe. Places with lots of support from governments or utilities, like China, the Netherlands and California, have thousands of public charging outlets.

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