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Public auctions have already become a viable possibility and a solid option for car buyers of all backgrounds and economic levels; more and more car buyers look into Online Public Auto Auctions or Internet Auction sites.  Perhaps, the main con against Public Auto Auctions is that not all of the auctions follow a standard Modus Operandi… until now. has created a true “Auto Auction Network” where right now, car sellers can enjoy the online exposure to more than 5,000 potential car buyers on a daily basis, across the hundreds of nationwide sources of its network. is allowing sellers (government agencies, car dealers & dealerships, private auto sellers, etc.) the ability to increase sales via an established community which allows its members to expand their business nationwide.  Increased Visibility + Nationwide Reach + Professional Support = Increase of Business.

Buyers thus, get great car deals whether they are looking for used cars, government used vehicles, insurance cars and other used vehicles for sale, all through the availability of local car auctions which are easily reached through the network of car auctions and its partners.

The Registration process in is also a breeze.  However, the truly important and most appealing aspect is the fact that once a car has been added and published, it is automatically added in all the active nationwide auto auctions in their network.  Literally, multiplying its high visibility and reaching a vast array of potential auto buyers.

Furthermore, with extensive online technical support tools such as social media marketing sites coverage and active blogging, as well as the possibility of a new option of participating in Online Live Auctions, becomes truly an effective well-rounded option to increase business in the Car Sales Market.

It is easy to see that has taken into consideration the main aspects of successful business practices and has ingrained them into their platform. Increasing Business Visibility corresponds with business growthNationwide Reach allows the development of stronger interconnected advancement and boosts the proliferation of a stronger Online Sales Market.  Professional Support aggrandizes and allows for the expansion of strong and successful surging businesses.

In fact, through its well established and well supported network, is easily becoming the most effective new tool for achieving better sales margins and increase sales while improving business altogether.

Auto, Auction, Purchase, Winner, Seller, Buyer, Bid, Old, New, Used, Previously Owned, Automotive, Car (PRNewsFoto/
Auto, Auction, Purchase, Winner, Seller, Buyer, Bid, Old, New, Used, Previously Owned, Automotive, Car (PRNewsFoto/

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1977 Dodge D200

For sale Dodge D200

Beautiful 1977 Dodge D200

1977 Dodge D200, 1977 Dodge, Dodge D200, Dodge, Dodge cars, Dodge for sale

Beautiful truck with no rust body.  with an updated paint job in new ram western brown. truck is a 400 big block truck with a new 4 barrel added. truck as aftermarket a/c unit, cb radio and trailer make a show stopper truck could use seat repaired, a new carpet and a rear bumper. has a few pinholes in floor mostly near gas pedal as is common with this vintage dodge trucks but very minor and nothing u would fix. front grill is driver quality but with the outstanding paint and body could use to be updated.truck runs and drives excellent. stored in my showroom and does drip a little oil as most old mopars do.

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2012 GMC

GMC Sierra 1500 For Sale

2012 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT

2012 GMC, GMC Sierra 1500 SLT, GMC Sierra, GMC cars

Interior condition report

NO Accidents, Local, 1 Owner. Side Step Bars Back Up Camera, Tow Package, Heated Seats, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio. Great interior in spite of this is a used car. It runs great

Exterior condition report

No scratches. It is replaced any component that does not meet its stringent standards with genuine OEM parts, and restore it to a like-new condition. It has a certification process so you’ll be completely satisfied with your Honda West Certified Used Vehicle

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Utah Auto Auction

Best Auto Auction in Utah

Utah Public Car Auction

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Auto Auction in Utah is an Online Public Auto Auction which offers you a huge display of various cars like Trucks, used cars, new cars, pre-owned cars, bank cars, gov cars, salvage cars for sale, off-lease autos, Beaver dealer’s automobiles, Brigham City SUVs, convertibles, coupes, Vans, wagons, sport cars, sedans, pickups, minivans, Richfield salvage cars, used car sales Utah, used trucks Utah, cheap used cars in Utah, Farmington government auction cars, Duchesne repo cars for sale, Coalville bank repo cars, used car salt lake city Utah, impounded cars for sale,  Logan online car sales, Castle Dale damaged cars for sale, seized cars for sale, repossessed cars for sale, Fillmore insurance car sales, Heber City car sales list, bank repossessed cars, Junction  surplus auto sales and other Kanab cars for sale for affordable prices.

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Best Automotive Auction Online

Automotive Auction

USA Public Automotive Auction

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At Automotive Auction we have car auctions listings of different vehicles type, we have used vehicles for sale, used trucks for sale, used cheap cars, used cars under 2000, salvage car for sale, repossessed cars for sale, old cars for sale, NY car auctions, new york auto auction, Miami car auctions, insurance auctions cars, Houston car auction, government vehicle auctions, classic car auctions, cheap used cars for sale. Buying used cars in your city is more convenient that’s why we have car auction in Los Angeles, car auction Las Vegas, car auctions in Atlanta, car auctions in Dallas, car auctions in Indiana, car auctions in Las Vegas, car auctions in Los Angeles, car auctions in Miami, car auctions in NY, car auctions in phoenix, car auctions in San Diego, car auctions in Washington state, car auctions Los Angeles, car auctions.

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The Meaning of some popular Car Logos

We can easily determine the car brand by its logo, but in the majority of cases we don’t really understand the meaning behind these logos. Still, there is a definite message encrypted in each of them:

audi, cars for sale, audi cars
Audi’s logo symbolizes 4 companies that merged to create Audi’s predecessor.

Audi’s logo represents four rings that symbolize represent four car companies (Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer) that merged in 1932 to create Audi’s predecessor company, Auto Union.

BMW, BMW cars, cars for sale, auto auction
Colours in BMW logo are the same as in the the Bavarian Free State flag.

The central blue and white circle in BMW‘s logo is often mistakenly thought to represent a spinning aeroplane propellor. In fact, what the blue and white quadrants represent the Bavarian Free State colours – but in the opposed order – because it was illegal to use national symbols in a commercial trademark.

Chevrolet, cars for sale, chevrolet cars
There are four theories behind the origin of the Chevrolet bowtie

The origin of the Chevrolet bowtie might be explained by four possible theories:  the first theory is that it originated from a wallpaper design that Chevy co-founder William C. Durant saw in a Parisian hotel. The second theory goes that Durant sketched the design at the dinner table one night between the soup and the fried chicken, while the third unproven theory is that the logo was inspired by an existing logo for Coalettes, a refined fuel product for fires.  The fourth and final theory is that the bowtie is stylised version of the cross of the Swiss flag, since Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland.

Lamborghini, Lamborghini cars, sports cars, cars for sale
Lamborghini bull symbolizes Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign

The reason behind the iconic Lamborghini bull is that the animal is Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign (he was born on April 28, 1916, which makes him a Taurus). He was also a fan of bull fighting, which is why the bull looks like it’s ready to ruin someone’s day.

Mercedes cars, cars for sale, mercedes-benz cars for sale
The three-pointed star on Merc’s logo means its will to dominate the land, the sea and the air.

Mercedes’s logo is a bold statement of intent, not some romantic ideal or a wild beast ready to mess someone up. The three-pointed star simply represents the brand’s domination of the land, the sea, and the air.