Automakers managed to make the largest YOY sales gain since February

After three consecutive declines, automakers managed in November to make the largest year-over-year sales gain since February, posting a 3.6 percent gain. However, it took a big jump in incentives to make that happen. Those heavy incentives – now amounting to more than 12 percent of the industry’s average transaction price – might be enough for 2016 to topple last year’s record by a razor-thin margin. Going into December, U.S. sales were just 6,418 vehicles ahead of last year’s pace, an increase of 0.04 percent.

November and December have become big months for promotions in recent years. But even by that standard, automakers were unusually aggressive last month, spending $3,741 per vehicle, 21 percent more than in November 2015. And unlike many recent months, that money wasn’t aimed at clearing out inventories of slow-selling cars; it was largely used to grab more share in SUV, pickup and crossover segments that were already red-hot. Incentives surged 30 percent on light trucks, nearly triple the 11 percent increase for cars. GMC spent 68 percent more on the Sierra, Ford spent 88 percent more on the Explorer and Toyota nearly tripled incentives on the Highlander. Read more

McLaren owners can now warranty their cars until their 12th birthday

We think that extended warranties are a rather good idea for owners who like driving stereotypically finicky supercars. Lucky for those owners, McLaren just announced that it will now offer an extended warranty that will protect your McLaren for up to 12 years from the date of manufacture. Previously, McLaren owners were only given the option to extend the factory three-year and unlimited mileage warranty to seven years.

Now, buyers can pick up a McLaren Extended Warranty that can be renewed up until the car’s 12th birthday. The warranty itself goes for either one or two years, with the option to keep renewing, and buyers can pick one up at any point until the car’s 10th birthday. Price has not been mentioned but it’s likely to change for each model. Qualifying vehicles can be new or certified used, must be owned for at least 90 days and must have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. It applies to all members of the Sports and Super Series, which includes the 570S, 570GT, 650S and 675LT. It includes nearly every car McLaren makes, except for the P1 and P1 GTR, which exist in the automaker’s Ultimate Series. Read more

Light cars are in trend again?

Analysts didn’t expect light vehicle sales will be this strong this November. The annualized selling rate adjusted for seasonal trends reached 17.8 million, the second-fastest pace of the year. While that pace is off from 18.1 million a year earlier, it’s faster than any analyst estimate in surveys. The average projection was for a 17.5 million rate.


Automakers’ results released are giving investors new evidence to determine whether the industry’s expansion is coming to an end after a record 2015 — or if there is more room for economic-driven growth. Concerns that U.S. auto sales are slowing have depressed automakers’ shares this year, even as the companies report strong profits amid consistently high volumes.

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2018 Toyota Supra- the most anticipated petrol car this year

I guess there’s no other car in the petrolhead community people expect more than the next Toyota Supra! We’d have to say a resounding no, judging by the severity to which the Internet is broken each time there’s a new video or spy shot of the car.


Based on the new shots and the knowledge that Toyota’s new sports car will have a body inspired by the FT-1 concept from a couple of years ago, we commissioned our renderer to put together these two speculative images. Picking through all the various rumours and reports that have been floating around for the last few months, it’s looking like the top-of-the-range version of the car will use a V6 hybrid powertrain, with four-cylinder engines further down the pecking order. We still don’t know for sure if it’ll actually resurrect the Supra name, but it seems to be so.

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November U.S. car sales rose to a new record

U.S. car sales rose more than we were expecting it will be in November, we had an increase of 3.7% of the industry sales, it shattered a record for the month that was set in November 2001.  Auto sales rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 17.87 million. Economists had estimated that sales rose at a 17.7 million rate. The sales were aided by two extra selling days from a year ago and fueled by Black Friday promotions and while there was concern about shaken consumer confidence after Donald Trump was elected president earlier in the month, car buyers apparently did not hold back.

Fiat Chrysler_Gast.jpg

Analysts and auto executives say the month was strong: competition for buyers was aggressive, incentives were up and there was plenty of stock on new-car lots. SUVs and trucks remained hot sellers, as consumer interest in cars continues to wane. Sales of light passenger trucks, including crossovers and SUVs, increased 8.5% last month, while passenger car sales decreased 3.1%. Trucks accounted for 58.8% of all vehicles sold.

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Doesn’t this Vilner Mercedes S63 AMG have the best interior?

Many experts consider that the interior design of the W222 S-Class Mercedes, and its AMG variants is one of the finest ever created, of course there is enough space for improvement but we weren’t this sure about that until we saw this Vilner Mercedes S63 AMG.


Well, we say improvement, but what they have done here is just black out the entire cabin with high-end exotic materials and intricate upholstery designs. It’s a matter of taste really, but we think Vilner Mercedes S63 AMG has the coolest interior we’ve seen in a very long time. Some may say it’s too dark and moody in there, but we find that oddly soothing!

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