Toyota and Lexus collaboration on Toyota Supra!

The rumors are flying for a long time now, but this time we are pretty sure that a successor to the amazing and really missed Toyota Supra is already in the works. Considering Toyota didn’t do anything to stop the conversations it is definitely true. The partnership with BMW and the FT-1 concept from two years ago, only made the fire burn brighter. The talk of a new Lexus engine has led to speculation about the supposed Supra’s powertrain.


You might think it’s not really possible, but a few things have already been confirmed. BMW and Toyota are working on a joint product. We know they were testing it out in the wild. The future car will more than likely be powered by turbocharged inline four and six-cylinder engines, as BMW likes to do. Of course, if Toyota wouldn’t want to use Bimmer power, and they’ll need to shoehorn one of their own under the hood. All of these, leads us to the rumor of a twin-turbocharged V6 that might power the new Lexus GS and LS. This engine might make more than 400 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque.

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FCA’s scandal continues with a new recall!

Didn’t we tell you about the tragic death of Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin?! Also we have informed you a month before about all the FCA skeletons getting out of the closet and by that we mean those 260 crashes which got linked to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Now that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started its own investigation the company realized it needs to start a new recall.


It’s not anymore that light recall you’re all used to hear about, pay attention at the numbers 410,000 vehicles worldwide need to be tested. Don’t pass this news like it never existed, because the defect on the car may lead to a loss of propulsion. Even though the cars are being recalled in the whole world, most of them are here in U.S. Fiat has announced that 323,000 cars need in U.S. Need to be carefully investigated, because the issue might lead to the lose of the ability to move forward. No injuries, or accidents were reported by now on the problem, however we know how unaware are consumers now of the brand’s vehicles. Outside the NAFTA region will be recalled 44,000 vehicles,36,000 in Canada and 7,000 in Mexico. The problem was discovered in a wire harness, which could lead to a fault code. Once the fault code is detected, it could cut propulsion to the vehicle. The company has updated the software to solve the problem. This software enables “limp mode” which will allow the driver to safely get off the road while protecting the vehicle from damage incurred by continued use after a fault occurs.

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FCA’s scandal continues with a new recall!

The 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is coming this fall!

We’ve already found out that GM showed a more than doubled income on the first quarter of the year but we were pretty upset after finding out Chevrolet is suspending the production on its Corvette Z06. Now, it seems like the company has finally come to a solution to its overheating woes. In 2017, which is really close, Chevrolet will switch to a new hood with larger vents and a new supercharger cover. Both of them will be designed with cooling in mind.


It’s gonna be an answer to a huge number of owners who have experienced some overheating issues while pushing their cars hard in warm weather. Corvette’s chief engineer told  the media that this issue affected only 5% of owners, but the most vocal owners ever. The team was thinking on finding the solution, and now it’s finally here. All of the changes will be applied to the 2017 Z06s when the production will resume this fall. The specialists are still waiting on some more details from the owners, which will help on creating a better car.

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General Motors shows a more than double income!

We’ve come to realize that the new GM strategy was a great one and we’ve got the proof. The idea of focusing on retail sales in North America got a win-win in the second quarter, with net income more than doubling from the year-earlier quarter. The company has reported an income of $2.87 billion in the second quarter, which is up from $1.12 in the second quarter of 2015. General Motors’ CEO told to the media that it’s been an outstanding quarter for GM, and they’ll continue to focus on driving profitable growth and leveraging their technical expertise to lead in the future of personal mobility.


The American carmaker has raised its earnings guidance for 2016, and it looks like it is expecting to make between $5.50 and $6 a share for 2016, up from its previous projection of $5.25-5.75. Since GM’s emergence from bankruptcy in July 2009, the income rose 11% to $42.37 billion. Don’t these results beat any Wall Street expectations?! Even though the analysts have been predicted the automaker to post earnings of $1.52 per share, it did even more and showed what a good strategy means. We didn’t forget about the 5.6% GM sales drop in North America, but after the interest has approached a new level, the firm has rose its earnings here to $3.65 billion. After General Motors started to focus on selling fewer cars into fleet market, and was more into retail, the margins have boosted to 12.1% from 10.5% a year ago. We consider this strategy a very disciplined one, and the idea of making more than double incentives on pickups is also worth the cost.

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Dana Q2 net income falls by nearly 10 percent

The American worldwide supplier of powertrain components, Dana Holding Corporation, ranks No. 39 on the list of the top 100 global part suppliers. The company works to develop the most innovative technologies. Yesterday it reported a 10 percent decline in second-quarter net income to $53 million on lower sales in its commercial vehicle and off-highway driveline units.

H2FC Hannover Messe 2013 Tobias Renz Fair Group Exhibit Hydrogen Fuel Cells Gruppenfoto

The Maumee, Ohio-based powertrain supplier reported sales of $1.55 billion. This is a 4 percent decrease from the second quarter of 2015. The number of sales dropped as reduced demand in the commercial vehicle and off-highway driveline units offset gains in the light-vehicle driveline and power technologies divisions. Commercial-vehicle driveline sales plunged 19 percent year-over-year. The company is confident that this is due to weaker production in North America and weaker demand in Brazil this year. Light-vehicle driveline sales rose 4.3 percent from the year-earlier period to $669 million on strong production of light trucks. These vehicles are very popular in the US market and this is because the gas is cheaper and the economy is stronger.

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The upcoming Nissan Juke model is absolutely flawless!

The Nissan Juke‘s style made the model very popular in the United States. The sales data shows that the automaker sold over 35,000 vehicles per year between 2011 and 2014. In 2015 the brand’s competitors launched sub-compact CUV models, such as the Jeep Renegade, Honda HR-V, and Mazda CX-3. After that the number of Nissan Juke’s sales has decreased significantly.


Nissan realized that it is important to take measures to restore the level of sales. So, the automaker decided to make some exterior and interior changes. Shiro Nakamura, the brand’s Chief Creative Officer, said that the next Nissan Juke will still be “edgy and less mainstream.” The car is like a mix of the current Juke with the styling of the Murano model, that is larger. Shiro Nakamura also added that it’s very difficult to meet the current emissions requirements without hybrid. So, the car’s new platform will allow to do something interesting with the Juke’s powertrain and it is expected that this can be a hybrid setup.

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Mercedes CLS Final Edition gets unveiled!

Considering the Mercedes CLS Class Coupe production is coming to its end the company has already announced about the new launch of Mercedes CLS Final Edition that will feature a standard AMG Line and enhance specifications. If you’re wondering on how much it will cost then we can tell it will be at around 8,211 euros difference from the usual version. You can order the vehicle with all the available engines, and in each one of the six available trim grades.

CLS Coupé und CLS Shooting Brake Final Edition

On the outside it will highlight the AMG Line package, which will include a diamond radiator grille in chrome. The AMG front apron with striking, sporty air intakes, diamond lattice and chrome trim elements are the features the new model will also include. The AMG rear apronwith simulated air outlets and chrome trim strip won’t be missing also, as well as twin tailpipes and 19-inch AMG multi-spoke wheels in a black, high-sheen finish.

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