Wanna know which are best car deals for March 2017?

Car sales have strong opportunities to grow starting with this March. Of course, car shopping would require you to skip March Madness for a few hours, but, hey, your bracket was going to bust


Ford Fusion

How much can I save? Lots. Fusion sales plummeted 35.1 percent in February as non-hybrid 2017 models averaged 70 days on dealer lots — well past the 50-day average for all 2017s. Now Ford offers $250 to $2,750 in cash incentives on the Fusion. Qualified shoppers can get discount financing as low as zero percent, too. But you should act fast, because the deals in some regions expire March 15. Are there discounts on the new Fusion Sport, too? You bet. We searched five ZIP codes, and cash rebates on the 325-horsepower Fusion Sport top out at $2,000. That’s proportionately less because of the Sport’s mid-$30,000s starting price, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.

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Rich pickings for used car buyers this March

This March will be launched new 17 registration plates in the new car market-which means rich pickings for buyers in the used car sector. With the way that many cars are financed these days over a three year term, tens of thousands of models from 2014 will be coming back for specialist dealers to buy for their customers.


To keep within the conditions of the finance package these cars will have been serviced every year and will be within the agreed mileage limit. All of which means that now is an excellent time to think about changing your current vehicle for a newer one. March is a good time to change your car for a newer one and with the decades of experience we have between us here we can find the one you want. With the twice yearly plate changes in March and again in September being a peak time for new car sales, many of those taken out on a 2014 registration will be coming back into the market now that their finance is ending.

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BAC Mono ice testing

We guess there’s no way you’d like to use track toys like BAC Mono on snow and ice, but if you want to know what it really can do, you need to check it at least once. Nothing else can show you its real power. This is how you check the car’s versatility, you take it to the frozen lake of Are in West Sweden and let it loose on the slippery surface. Turns out it’s a lot more fun than driving on tarmac.


The three BAC Mono dispatched to Are all performed magnificently on ice and provided the participants in this inaugural Ice Driving Experience with a helluva good time. Apart from anything else, though, the Mono looked properly awesome going sideways on ice with a white roostertail coming out of its back. That alone was worth all the effort the Briggs Automotive Company, which is small Liverpool-based company, put into the thing.

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1 Car with 3 owners? That’s exactly what happened to this family!

Just imagine what you’d feel like if you buy a car you simply adore, and then all of a sudden you realize this car belongs to someone else? Pretty weird huh? Well, that’s eaxctly what happened to Kristin Ellenson who loves everything about her 2012 Cadillac SRX, from the satiny silver paint job and sporty styling to the leather upholstery and wood-trimmed interior.


She and her husband, Jim, bought the luxury sport-utility vehicle used from a car dealership in November 2015, but within a week of bringing it home they realized they had a big problem: TheCorvallis car dealership had shut down amid a criminal investigation, owner Shannon Jones had dropped out of sight, and dozens of people were coming forward claiming they had been ripped off. The couple soon learned that the victims included two men who claimed to be the rightful owners of their Cadillac SRX — and that’s when they really started to worry. We have the car, but we don’t have the title, Jim Ellenson remembers thinking. “All of a sudden it’s like, what just happened?”

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Koenigsegg powered Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder revealed

Let us introduce you to a cheaper alternative to Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Two already popular European car boutiques have joined forces in order to introduce you to this new competitor of the most popular luxury cars. The new Spyker C9 Preliator Spyder has a Koenigsegg V8 in its midst and that is why people have really high expectations of it.


The new Koenigsegg powertrain will be used in all Spyker C8 Preliator models, replacing the old Audi V8. At 600 hp and 600 Nm of torque the 5.0 liter dry sump V8 unit is not that much more powerful than the 530 hp Audi motor, but the fact that it’s a Koenigsegg adds a lot of class to the car and just makes it feel faster even if it really isn’t! The carbon fiber-bodied Spyker C8 Preliator also gets a six-speed manual gearbox which gives the driver a lot of old-school fun. You need to be very lucky to get one though, because even if you can afford the car, they are only making a 100 units of the Spyder

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