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1985 Nissan 300ZX




Do you think that your modern car makes you famous? Of course it’s not…

The car itself can’t create ones popularity, your currently status depends only on you. If you are a celebrity, you may have any kind of cars and they will be considered the most beautiful and modern. Just because a Celebrity is driving!

Celebrity cars must correspond with their stardom. Just to drive something modest, they simply can’t appear in front of the public. The more popular the person is, the more elegant the car must be.

At auctions such as Repokar, Celebrity Cars can gain premiums of $10,000 – $50,000 and over, just because of celebrity ownership.

So what cars are the most by celebrities driven? Well, Mercedes, Range Rovers, Lexus and Bentley are often led by celebrities in the recent years. These chic automobiles have been attracting the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z.

So relax and enjoy these images of famous celebrity cars that we’ve selected to show you!

1. The Pop Star Paris Hilton is very serious in choosing a vehicle. She had a very chic car – Mercedes – Mclaren SLR, which costs around half a million dollars. But recently it has ceased to be a favorite car. It has a very complicated mechanism for opening and closing the doors. As a result, Miss Hilton changed it to Bentley Continental. In addition, it was colored in bright pink and decorated with some Swarovski crystals – Glamorous work!

2. World-famous for a variety of films Tom Cruise prefers classical and official Jeeps. His choice is of course Range Rover, which is a standard of his style. Here is Tom Cruise’s Bugatti Veyron on which he often appears.

3. Officially the Queen Of Pop, Britney Spears has a chic garage which recently was reported for sale. The garage is really fantastic. The most superb cars there are Ferrari and Mercedes – Mclaren SLR. But the most favorite singer’s car is her 1956 Porsche. For comparison – the cost of Mercedes is half a million dollars and Porsche values a total of 70 thousand dollars. Striking difference, but it is Britney’s plus that she tries to be herself.

4. Struggling for a brighter ecological future many actors have replaced their cars with hybrid or electric one. The “runaway bride” Julia Roberts and hero of “Titanic” Leo DiCaprio have in their garages hybrid cars like Toyota Prius.

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The rise of the petroleum-free synthetic fuel from Audi is now!


2003 Toyota TACOMA for sale

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A capable compact pickup with a variety of body styles to suit most buyers. Has a reputation for reliability and it is avalable for sale at our Auto Auction! Check it out:

Take a glance at the most unique and fancy car designs ever invented!


Have a closer look at a couple of the most noticeable and unusual vehicles. Indeed you will get suprised by the aggressive touch of their design and style. Pure evil. In a good way.

1996 Gillet Vertigo

Hand-crafted, with an incredibly ultra-light weight of 990 kg and equipped with 2.0L Turbo, 3.0L V6 and 4.2L V8 engines, Gillet Vertigo is a sports coupe manufactured by the Belgian automaker Gillet, started in 1992 by the former racing driver Tony Gillet. The first Vertigo was finished in 1991 and displayed in January 1992 at the 71st Brussels Auto Show.


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Mad Max’s Hot Wheels unveiled

Plymouth Rock

Built around the desiccated remains of what appears to be a 1937 Plymouth sedan, this metallic hyena’s mission is to scrounge the wasteland looking for carrion to consume and repurpose. The spikes were not part of Plymouth’s original design.


The Big Foot

It’s a monster truck shoved under the sheetmetal of what appears to be a 1939 or 1940 Fargo pickup. And Fargo, for those scoring at home, was what many Dodge trucks were called when sold for export to (or built in) countries like Canada, Turkey, and, yes, Australia. Riding on 66-inch-tall Goodyear tires and featuring four feet of suspension travel, this beast, according to the official materials, is powered by a supercharged V-8 turning a Turbo 400 automatic transmission. The massive axles are reportedly from a military tanker.


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