The full-efficient Porsche Panamera Turbo S E to debut soon

We love all Porsche’s cars, because they are powerful, they look good and they drive insanely fast, and here’s its new hybrid model Porsche Panamera Turbo S E with a V8 engine. The new hybrid is going to debut with other cool and fast cars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. We think this car is the real proof that we don’t have to sacrifice anymore performance for fuel efficient.


The numbers it produces beggars belief. It churns out 680 hp and 626 lb.-ft. of torque which performance-wise means the huge luxury saloon accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds (3.3 seconds for the Executive model) and has a top track speed of 192 mph. If this is too rich for your taste you can still order the non-S variant with a V6. For the car geeks among you, the hybrid system in the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid features a 136 hp electric motor with a 550 hp twin-turbo V8 engine, a decoupler actuated electromechanically by an electric clutch actuator (ECA), quick-shifting eight-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) dual-clutch transmission, active all-wheel drive system with Porsche Traction Management (PTM), and liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity of 14.1 kWh which has a charging time of less than three hours and as mentioned delivers up to 50 km of pure electric drive.

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Volkswagen’s sales expected to increase up to 13.6%

We’ve got a new forecast for you, before the real car sales results get revealed at the beginning of March. Expect for the auto market to sell 1,331,787 new cars and trucks in the US this month. This will be a 17% increase from last month, but a 1% decrease from February 2016. Also it was estimated that approximately 3.4 million used vehicles will be sold in February, compared to 3 million last month.


The long Presidents’ Day holiday weekend undoubtedly contributed to the increase in sales from January. Typically, the holiday boosts sales volume by 20% compared to an average February weekend. The holiday weekend is likely a contributing factor to strong sales in February, but we’re also seeing signs that automakers are starting to be a bit more aggressive to move cars off the lot. Fleet sales were higher than average in February, and incentives are continuing to rise. While trucks and SUVs don’t need as much help to find interested buyers, inventories of passenger cars are starting to build.

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The 2017 Gemballa Avalanche Teased Ahead of Geneva Debut

If someone wants to say that the current Porsche 911 Turbo is lacking for power, than you’ll find hundreds of reasons to prove him wrong. But, just because it is really powerful, doesn’t mean there can’t be other carmakers who will try to take the throne. The latest creation of German tuning shop Gemballa third-generation Avalanche, is turning out 808 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque from a turbocharged flat-six engine. Oh, and it’s bright purple and has a three-tier rear wing that looks big enough to live in.


Gemballa is known for a lot of things- Nürburgring lap records, for example – but subtlety isn’t one of them. All of the company’s current offerings are either Porsche or McLaren models that have been worked over inside and out with new body panels, wings, and interior touches to compliment a hefty boost in power. It’s not a look for everyone, but you can’t say the company doesn’t try.

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Study reveals Lexus and Porsche as the most dependable car brands

After 3 years of vehicles ownership the most dependable carmakers seem to be Porsche and Lexus.The non-premium label is lead my Toyota. For the sixth year in a raw Lexus tops the list of the most dependable car brands of US. The streak puts Lexus halfway to tying its record of 12 consecutive titles for most dependable brand from 1997 to 2008.


Toyota, Buick and Mercedes-Benz rounded out the top five brands overall. Mercedes, Hyundai(No. 6), BMW (No. 7) and Jaguar (No. 10) were newcomers to the Top 10 this year, while GMC, Acura, Ram and Lincoln dropped out. The industry averaged 156 problems per 100 vehicles in the latest dependability study, up by four problems per 100 vehicles from 2016. The increase in problems, the second in as many years, was driven in large part by audio, communication, entertainment and navigation systems, which combined to account for 22 percent of all reported problems.

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The coupe-ish SUV- Range Rover Velar

We got some teasers of the new Range Rover for you guys. The automaker has finally revealed us the concept of its new coupe-ish SUV, after a few spy shots which came out a few weeks before. It’ll join the lineup as the fourth model in the Range Rover subbrand, alongside the Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and the full-size Range Rover.


We’ve seen this SUV in spy shots before. Earlier this month we got a good look a a camouflaged prototype near the factory. Everything we’ve heard so far is that the Velar will be positioned between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport and share a platform with the Jaguar F-Pace. The roofline isn’t as aggressive as some “coupe-ish” SUVs, adopting more of a 4:5 scale Range Rover Sport feel. If you’re wondering about the name, it dates back to the 1969 prototype for the vehicle that would become the original Range Rover – a SUV that seriously altered the public’s perception of the refinement and comfort that a rugged 4×4 could provide.

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Global car sales risking more than ever!

Predictions for the 2017 global light vehicle sales say that they might reach 93.5 million units, that’s a growth rate of 1.5% over 2016. But even so, industry risk in mature markets is at the highest level it has been since the Lehman Brothers collapse and global industry downturn from 2008 through 2010, and will be a key factor for the near future. Engine propulsion options are expected to have an influence as well.


Political uncertainty could cause a significant rift in light vehicle sales both in the U.S. and Europe, as both regions are undergoing fluctuations in policy, leadership and other dynamics. In addition, expect in 2017 for a decline of diesel vehicle sales share in Europe. This represents just the start of a growing trend of diesel decline expected in the coming years, due in part to significant challenges around RDE regulation alongside the arrival of the EU6d emission standards. Despite the daily publicity, sales of BEV (battery electric vehicles) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles)light vehicles also were relatively flat between 2015 and 2016, despite the ever-present longer-term growth fundamentals. Global BEV production remains significantly below 1 million units and will represent just 0.7 percent of new vehicle supply globally in 2017.

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SsangYong XAVL SUV concept will debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show

SsangYong, a Korean popular car maker has been on its peak the latest year thanks to its amazing concept SUVs. Each time they reveal their new vehicles, everyone keeps their eyes on the car brand, cause they know something interesting is coming out. That’s the main reason why we are waiting so patiently for its new SsangYong XAVL SUV concept, which is going to debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.


Looking like a more mature Tivoli designed for the Martian market, the new SsangYong XAVL SUV concept – whose name, by the way, is a good example of word torture as it stands for eXciting Authentic Vehicle Long – is designed to blend the good sides of a MPV (multi purpose vehicle or minivan) with the cool looks and charisma of a sport utility vehicle.

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