The creepiest cars at the 2017 Hell’s Hearse Fest

Don’t hurry up to think that something horrible has happened when you see dozens of hearses in one place, it might be the annual Hell’s Hearse Fest. The latest festival happened this Saturday in Michigan. In case you’re into cars and macabre, this event is your place to be present at.


It’s our own morbid curiosity that brought us here, but the rest of the fest-goers are clearly comfortable outright celebrating funerary rides. Each vehicle here has been in service at some point, either as a hearse, a combination car (which like Ecto 1 in the original “Ghostbusters” were designed to fulfill both hearse and ambulance duties) or as a flower car.

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VW working on a concept for a robotic sports car

Volkswagen will launch a number of fully autonomous Level 5 electric carsvans and trucks starting as early as 2021. In the near feature it will start testing them at its headquarters. The Sedric self-driving concept, which debuted in Geneva in March was only the beginning.


Volkswagen’s team is already working on ideas for a whole Sedric family of fully autonomous vehicles for the city, for luxurious long-range mobility, through self-driving delivery vans and heavy commercial trucks. Developers also are working on concepts for a robotic sports car. VW’s ambitious time frame will become feasible as more countries pass legislation to allow autonomous driving.

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The 2018 Audi R8 V10 RWS

When we say Audi R8 we think of that amazing supercar with a beacon of stability and common sense, that’s why when we’ve heard about this new Rear Wheel Drive Edition we thought things would become too different, in not the best way. But, no! What it’s done is ditch the four-wheel-drive for a limited series of 999 cars called the Audi R8 V10 RWS.

Static photoColour: Ibis White

So Audi thinks only around a thousand people would want a rear-drive R8. But if this car’s fancier, prettier, sexier sister, the Lamborghini Huracan is any indication, a loose back-end is what a lot of drivers prefer to the security of AWD. 2018 Audi R8 V10 RWS is said to be made for purists with inspiration from the R8 LMS racing car.

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Facebook won’t make cars, Sandberg says

Facebook, the world’s biggest social network doesn’t want to compete with automakers, at least that’s what Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer says. She said it with charm and in a bit of a funny manner, mentioning that Facebook is the only company in Silicon Valley that’s not building cars.


But Facebook is sponsoring a “new mobility world” at the Frankfurt show that brings together carmakers, tech companies and start-ups in areas such as autonomous driving and electric cars. Sandberg’s visit to Germany comes after the country’s parliament passed a law in June to introduce fines of up to 50 million euros ($59 million) for social media networks if they fail to remove hateful postings promptly.

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New self-driving test van talks to pedestrians using light signals

Ford Motor Co. has designed a light signal system for autonomous cars that company officials say helps solve the problem of self-driving cars safely interacting with pedestrians, bicyclists and human drivers. Ford engineers said they hope tests results from real-world encounters will pave the way for standardization and industry-wide adoption.

The white light display, located at the top of the windshield, is designed to communicate intent to yield way or accelerate from a stop, which today is done through hand gestures, head nods and eye contact. The display’s color and location were chosen to comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards and not create confusion with other light signals on the vehicle. The cue for yielding to a full stop is two white lights that move side to side. Read more

Aspark Owl: The car which deserves much more attention

Of course that at major auto shows such as the one which took place this weekend in Frankfurt, people mostly look at the most popular car brands, but you know what? Sometimes the most obscure motors deserve even more attention, that’s exactly what this Aspark Owl is about.


Take the Aspark Owl for instance. Competing with ‘Thunder Power’ (yes, that’s a real company) for the worst car name at Frankfurt this year, it’s an electric hypercar which – incredibly – is just 39 inches tall. Yep, an inch shorter than the spectacularly low-slung Ford GT40. Under its carbonfibre skin you’ll find an electric drivetrain – the details of which haven’t yet been divulged – that’s good for 1000bhp.

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Borgward comes back with an insane-looking electric car concept

Have you ever heard of Borgward? Well, it was a German carmaker up until 1961 that was dusted off after a half century of slumber, now combining German engineering with Chinese money. After launching a pair of SUVs in China, the brand is ready to make a splash back home, revealing its stunning Isabella Concept coupe in Frankfurt.


Evoking the shapes of the achingly beautiful Isabella coupe made during the company’s final years in the late 1950s and the early 1960s, the new concept exhibited at Frankfurt combines the two-tone color palettes of yesteryear to a flowing and flamboyant modern concept car penned by former Mini design boss Anders Warming. Although Borgward claims that it’s an electric car, no facts or figures about the drivetrain were distributed. Read more