Daimler invests $25 millions in Mercedes cars with Illegal software

Daimler’s management board just approved some measures to cut diesel pollution including an investment of 22o million euros to update more than 3 million Mercedes-Benz diesel cars in Europe. German regulators might have been the main reason why the company has taken these serious steps, since they have blamed it for causing respiratory disease.


The plan extends a service action that began in March on compact cars and also included V-class vans. Germany’s Transport Ministry declined immediately to comment on the recall. Daimler executives last week were summoned to attend a meeting with government officials in Berlin to explain the automaker’s role in possible diesel-emissions cheating after two engines used in Mercedes vehicles drew increased scrutiny from prosecutors. The recall marks a change of approach after the company vowed to fight accusations of cheating by “all legal means.”

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Do smells make people spend?

Sometimes the new-car smell isn’t what it used to be. At least not at Land Rover South Dade in Miami, where customers are greeted with subtle scents of cedar, vanilla and violet. General Manager Mark de la Cruz infuses the dealership with a custom scent called “My Way” to ensure that his vehicles don’t smell like other new cars. He said the store needed a cultural change. They had to change their style of customer service, and aroma became a big component in that.

The fragrance enters through the ventilation system and spreads from ceiling panels above the sales pavilion and service department. It puts customers into a different frame of mind. There’s a lot of apprehension about making a large purchase such as a luxury automobile. The combination of scents and sounds makes the experience more soothing for them. De la Cruz was also intrigued with using smell to unlock memories, thinking that perhaps shoppers would associate fond recollections of their vehicles with Land Rover South Dade. Read more

Cars to bet on: Audi R8 Performance Parts and TT RS Performance Parts

Audi just revealed its new upgraded models Audi R8 Performance Parts and its little brother the TT RS Performance Parts at its 2017 Summit, and this time this car must finally get the attention it deserves. As the name suggests, Audi Sprt Performance Parts are a number of extras, usually available through tuners and aftermarket brands, offered to you straight from the factory. They help make the cars lighter, faster and nicer to look at… at least if you are into naked carbon and big spoilers.


In the case of Audi R8 Performance Parts the main highlights of the package include sport brake linings, which are more powerful and less prone to fading than standard brake linings with steel or ceramic carbon discs, two- or three-way coilover suspension, clear carbon aero kit covering front air inlets, the side sills and the diffuser, giving the car not just more attitude but also greater downforce. The R8 now delivers 250 kg (551.2 lb) at 330 km/h (205.1 mph), an increase of over 100 kg (220.5 lb). You also get sport contour steering wheel with multifunction plus and carbon shifters.

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Drug dealers used Ford Fusions to import $1 million marijuana in U.S.

The service department of a car dealership in Portage County, Ohio discovered nearly 500 pounds of pot worth more than $1 million stashed in the spare tire compartments of 15 Ford Fusions.


Authorities found five more sedans at a rail station in Warren, Ohio, and another nine at dealerships in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Each Fusion contained about 14.5 kilograms — or 32 pounds — of marijuana that was tightly packed into half-moon shapes. The drugs are worth more than $1 million, according to Silverio Balzano, the resident agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Youngstown, Ohio office.

“It’s my belief the drugs were never intended to make it to the dealerships,” he told. “Certainly the cartel wanted to unload them prior to that.”

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Aston Martin reveals its amazing AMR-SB race car!

Aston Martin reveals its zero-emissions AMR-SB race car and it’s amazing! According to the chassis designer, it came at a time that was fairly busy, especially following the company’s Le Mans class victory. But they saw it through, and the result is an amazingly light, zero-emissions race car.

The company built it for the Red Bull Soapbox race in England, and it looks just like one of Aston Martin’s Vantage GTE Le Mans racers, down to the wing on the back. That wing didn’t seem to be attached quite as well as those on the real cars, since it disappears after one of the jumps. Read more